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May/June 2014

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Mike Nowak
Mike Nowak, the magazine's irreverent columnist, has joined forces with WCPT-AM. Hear "The Mike Nowak Show" from 8am to 10am. each Sunday on the station, 820-AM. Read his column from our current issue.

From The Editor
At the end of February I spent a couple of weeks in a suburb south of San Francisco, doing grandma duty while my daughter and her hubby were off in Italy, huffing their way to the top of Florence cathedral, plying the waters of the Venetian canals and wallowing through mountains of pasta.
As I never wearied of emailing back home, the Bay Area magnolias and flowering cherry trees were in full bloom, as were the daffodils Keep reading >>

Ask our Experts
What are some fast-growing vines I can use for a trellis or fence, especially vines that are fragrant?
See what our experts said >>

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Garden Inspiration

Photo By Ron Capek
On the left is Rhododendron ‘Yaku Prince’ and on the right is ‘Dorothy Swift’. Rhododendron ‘Catawbiense Boursault’ sports lavender flowers in the background.   “Rhododendrons prefer dappled shade and protection from full sun and winter winds,” Ted says. “An area under oak trees or among pine trees would be excellent.”

Read more about Rhododendrons in the May/June issue.